Zipper Solution|For Any Business Request

Solution to Zipper Industry

Zipper Solution|For Any Business Request

No matter which region you are requesting from, Hermes Universe is always here for you with open arms. If it’s related to “Zipper Fastener”, Hermes Universe can do it all for you.

With over 25 years of experiences in zipper industry, our major services and expertise are:

  1. Zipper Chain
  2. Body Slider
  3. Zipper Machinery & Components
  4. Polyester Monofilament
  5. OEM&ODM Request

Solution to Zipper Industry-Zipper ChainOEM&ODM RequestPolyester Monofilament

Hermes Universe

Hermes Universe is an expert in Zipper Industry, more than 20 countries worldwide well-known clients who have trusted Hermes Universe for their needs, including RiRi , OPTI , SLICK , ALBERTZIP and the others.

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Zipper Expert

Hermes Universe is your best choice for Zipper Fastener